Packing Tips

Packaging Do's and Don'ts
  1. Choose the right size and material for the package to hold the content. Remember to leave adequate space for proper cushioning.
  2. Balance the weight and the strength of the boxes, and also the nature of your shipments for proper packaging. Use corrugated boxes for most common items.
  3. Cushioning materials is a must. Use fillers, sponges, shredded or crumpled newsapepers.
  4. Use water-proof and pressure sensitive tapes for sealing your boxes.
  5. Strap the heavy boxes to strengthen the package.
  6. Stuff cushioning materials in hollow and fragile items. Place them in the center of the box and packed the rest of the box with fillers. Don’t let them hit the sides.
  7. Tightly seal any liquid containers, make sure they do not leak. Wrap them in plastic if possible.
  8. Wrap any sharp objects with layers of papers or cardboards and secure with adhesive tapes so that they do not cut the packaging and damage other shipments.
  9. Place documents on cardboards before putting them into the flyers. This will ensure them from being bent or folded easily.
  10. Make sure cushioning it done between multiple items when they are stacked together in one shipment.
  11. Indicate which side of the box should be on top. Place the consignment notes on the top of the boxes to increases the chances of being placed at a proper orientation.
  12. Packaging for expensive gifts should be packed properly to prevent any unnecessary attention.
  1. Avoid using round cylinders, try triangular tubes ones instead so that they will not move about easily during transit.
  1. Complete shipper and consignee information clearly. Make sure proper contact details are provided.
  2. Complete the address clearly and completely, using uppercase letters when handwriting labels to improve readability for DHL personnel.
  3. If a recycled box is used, make sure all old labels are removed or cross out. Make sure extra strapping is done to strengthen the packaging of the shipment.
  1. Don’t use non water-proof bags.
  2. Don’t ship liquids or spillable items in envelopes or City-Link flyers.
  3. Don’t ship fragile or breakable items in envelopes or City-Link flyers without any proper padded packaging done.
  4. Don’t use paper-back or house-hold cellophane tapes which are not strong seal the shipments properly.
  5. Don’t use strings or ropes to seal any corrugated boxes, they can damage the boxes easily.
  6. Don’t consider "Fragile" and "Handle with care" labels as a substitute for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.
  7. Don’t cover the shipper and consignee information on the labels
  8. Don’t tape anything over the consignment notes.